I have on behalf of RMIT University, employed the services of Mark Davis Plumbing Services since 1996. Mark Davis Plumbing has regularly been awarded the contract to carry out the works.

Mark Davis Plumbing Services have successfully competed against other plumbing firms and have been awarded our major projects (recycling water from the aqua culture laboratory to our lake which is then used for irrigating the University's grounds) and for many smaller projects which are typical for plumbing contractors as well as projects such as installing valves and monitors on water lines that service eye washes and safety showers in all of our research laboratories.

- Nigel M Pollard (Senior Projects Officer, Major Projects)
RMIT University

Mark has been a valued and trusted member of our Property Office team as a nominated tradesperson since 1997.

His record in terms of quality service, pro-active preventative maintenance, diagnostic skills and innovative solutions to problems is outstanding.

- Bob Talbot (Manager - Planning & Building)
Xavier College

In all of my dealing with Mark I have found him to be a man of intelligence, integrity, honesty, sound business acumen, supportive of his employees and totally trustworthy.

Mark Davis is a man of distinction, one of the construction industry's gentlemen.

It has been and continues to be, my pleasure to know Mark.

- A. Ross Morton (Consulting Engineer)